I lost my internet connection

We are going to try step by step to the common troubleshooting trying to guide you to the possible solution in order to try to solve you internet problem

This method is not infallible but it can help the majority of you

We are approching this in 2 different way, the standard way in plain text, or in flow chart way.

This points must be done in sequence, and if you cannot go further check the link associated with the point to analyse in detail your problem.

Since we are not know if you activated your Fizz's internet home plan, check in you account, and go on my plans to be sure that your accout is full activated.

Check the status leds, this is very important, we skips the check if the modem is on :D, check the LED's status, the 2 leds with the arrow symbols my be one

Check also if the led with the symbol @ is on

If you are at your first installation or after a factory reset, go and take a coffe waiting 15 minutes to be sure that the Fizz's CODA 4680 modem will complete all the tasks

If you reach this point, and if you are able to connect one of your device with the ethernet cable to the router, this is the time to do it. Check if you have the connection

Try to connecting the wifi, the default username and password are in the sticker on the back of your modem where the connections are situated.

Check the status of the LEDs on your Wi-Fi modem

Are the 2 leds with the arrow symbol on?




Is the led @ on?