What is best one account or multiple accounts

This is a common question, we made this comparison platform in order to only answering the questions, but we try to show you the numbers.

Fizz gives you a referral credit 75 $ for the first plan activated in one account, in order to maximize your retourn test it. And n do not forget to get your referral code from us :D

This is not a science we are tested the system but you need do your own calculation, but this will gives you a very good understanding how to do it, and to figure out what is the best options to you.

Some users prefers to have one account and they do not care about the 2x75$ per accounts.

The amount paid for your plan
The amount of kudo (likes) given every day.
Info simulation comparisson
  • In this simulation we do not consider the data bonus
  • Not considered the number of mobile accounts since you have only 2 $ rewards
  • Considered the possibility of only one internet plan