Fizz rewards program

Fizz is a low-cost operator and they offer competitive prices. If this is not enough, they also have a referral program, but that is not all, they also offer a rewards program. Why do they have a rewards program? We believe that it gives the opportunity to all their customers to gain discounts and extra data without having to beg for discounts every year.

With the Fizz reward program, you collect points for actions such as paying your bill, participating in the community forum, buying a phone or add-on, referring friends, gifting data and more. These rewards are earned on top of the referral credit that you get for activating your first plan.

Rewards are bonuses that enhance your plan monthly, this can be extra data or discounts to your plan.

You will earn points therefore rewards, with the following actions:

  • participating in the community forum by answering questions to help other members;
  • gifting data to another Fizz members. Yes, with Fizz, members can share their data;
  • and don't forgot about referring friends.

Also, you will earn points for every dollar spent paying your bills, so there's no begging to have an extra discount.
The longer you stay with Fizz, the more points you will earn and you will receive higher rewards and benefits.

The rewards system

Level Points Mobile Internet Slot
1 0 250 MB 1$ discount 1st slot
2 1500 500 MB 2$ discount
3 4500 250 MB 1$ discount 2nd slot
4 9000 1$ discount 2$ discount
5 15000 250 MB 3rd slot
6 22500 500 MB 2$ discount
7 31500 1$ discount 2$ discount
8 42000 1 GB 1$ discount
9 54000 1$ discount 3$ discount
10 67500 1$ discount 2$ discount
These points and level can change without notice

How to collect points

You can collect points paying your monthly plan and participating in the community.

Description Points
Kudu given (limit 20/day) 1
Kudu received 5
Ask a question 5
Answer a question in the first 5 minutes 8
Answer a question 5
Be selected as best answer 50
Leader of the day 10
Leader of the week 50
Leader of the month 50
Top 100 active members of the month 50
Refer a person 100
Referred person has be confirmed 200
Every dollar spent 10


Badges are another type of recognition. Along with each badge, you will be rewarded with points. Here are some examples:

Badge name Description Points
Newbie Welcome to the Fizz comunity 25
Amigo You added a person in your contacts Fizz for the first time 50
Hunter 1 Refer 1 person 100
Hunter 2 Refer 5 person 100
Hunter 3 Refer 10 person 100
Hunter 4 Refer 25 person 100
Tourist You have purchased your first travel add-on ??
Sundae You have bought an Add-On ??
Dinosaure 1 1 month seniority ??
Dinosaure 2 6 months seniority ??
Dinosaure 3 12 months seniority ??
Dinosaure 4 24 months seniority ??
Cha-ching Added fund to your wallet for the first time 100 + 10/$
Hero 1 You gifted data to the 1 member 50
Hero 2 You gifted data to the 5th member 100
Hero 3 You gifted data to the 10th member 100
Hero 4 You gifted data to the 25th member 300


Yes, this is not all. From time to time, Fizz gives Perks. These are single-use bonuses that can be applied toward your mobile or internet service.

The perks can be used immediately or usually within 90 days. Some perks can also be gifted to other members. In late November, early December, Fizz gave out 5 GB in Perks to every customer.