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Are you tired of the tactics used by other providers?

  • long term contract;
  • annual price increase;
  • no rewards for loyalty;

Are you tired of overpaying for your cellphone or internet plan?

Consistently being overcharged for extra usage or losing your unused mobile data every month?

What if there was a phone company that:

  • gives you up to 3 months to use the data that you already paid for.
  • gives you free perks whenever the occasion arises.
  • gives you bonuses (discounts or extra data).
  • rewards you for paying your bills.

Fizz does all that and more. Here are some facts:

  • All Fizz services are prepaid. So there are never any surprise bills or overage charges.
  • Fizz is 100% online. Fizz customer service can be reached easily by Live Chat.
  • Another advantage of Fizz is the flexibility. You can change your plan every month to suit your needs, because life can change.
  • There is an active user community. You will often get questions answered within a few minutes.
  • You will receive bonuses & rewards for being a Fizz member.
  • For mobile plans:
    • You can gift (share) your mobile data to other members.
    • Your mobile data will rollover in your plan for up to 3 months.
    • You can choose between: Quebec, Canada or Canada/US coverage plan.
    • Low cost for international calling and travel add-ons.
  • For home internet plans:
    • The plan cost includes unlimited usage and rental of the modem is included.
    • Installation is free (or you can opt to pay $30 for VIP installation).
  • Fizz and Videotron are both owned by Quebecor. So Fizz and Videotron are using the same infrastructure.
  • Mobile and Internet plans are for addresses in Quebec province and Greater Ottawa area only (having the same service area as Videotron).