Activate my Fizz's mobile service

This is a small flowchart to help guide you with the activation of your Fizz mobile plan, and to know when and how to apply the referral code to receive your free $25 credit. You can click on any box with an icon in order to open the Fizz site page with the official details.

In the past, some Fizz's member did not use the referral code during the activation of their first Fizz plan and they lost out on the referral code.

Please remember the referral code must be entered in the field provided at the bottom of the order summary (where you see the amount with the taxes).

We will never get tired to remind you that if a person forgets to enter the referral code when subscribing, they're unfortunately out of luck.

Fizz cannot retroactively apply a referral code, and you will miss out on your referral credit.